1424 map of Zuane Pizzigano. Satanazes is the large blue rectangular isle north of Antillia

Satanazes (Isle of Devils)

In 15th-century portolan charts, the island of Satanazes is depicted as lying out in the north Atlantic, due west of the Azores and Portugal, and just north of the legendary island of Antillia.

The island was first depicted in the 1424 portolan chart of Venetian cartographer Zuane Pizzigano. It is drawn as a large, blue rectangular island, indented with bays and five or six settlements, with the inscription ista ixolla dixemo satanazes, which has been translated as "this is the island called of the devils".

Satanazes disappears on practically all maps after Christopher Columbus's voyages of the 1490s. It was possibly transplanted (in smaller form) to the Isle of Demons, between Newfoundland and Greenland, e.g. the 1508 map of Johannes Ruysch.